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High-Protein Meal Planner & 52 Recipe Pack for Intermittent Fasting

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Inside this High-Protein Meal Planner & Recipe Pack for Intermittent Fasting you will receive:

  • Easy to understand information about why WHAT we eat and WHEN we eat matters
  • Simple training about WHY High-Protein is a great way to support your Intermittent Fasting goals
  • 52 beautiful recipe cards for delicious meal ideas, ready to easily download, save, and print or view online
  • Exact ingredient lists and detailed step-by-step cooking instructions
  • Meal Planner for different Fasting Schedules (both Daily & Full-Day) so you can visualize what and when to eat, based on your specific schedule
  • Bonus: Detailed nutritional info, including calorie & macronutrient breakdowns
  • Bonus: MyFitnessPal barcodes to easily scan & add meals
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